Our 2006 global warming series was
overwhelmingly well received. Thanks to
all who participated in the challenge and
who are spreading the word by taking
action to limit destructive climate change.
For 2007, three Pure Waste Primers look
at daily practices that hurt our environ-
ment and waste money. We attempt to
dispel the myths about these topics and
we know YOU care, so please read the
"Introduction” and “Challenge", then dig
into the primers.

SELF project: Kaibeto Navajos

Introduction to Pure Waste Primers

Pure Waste Challenge
You save money
You lower carbon output
We donate to third-world solar power

1. Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFLs)
Enlightening Facts

2. Tankless Water Heaters (TWHs)
On-Demand Only

3. Anti-Idling
Every Minute Counts

Glacier National Park, August 2006
Electric Vehicles – A New Generation of Green Transportation

Electric Vehicles - The Prospects

The Top Ten Myths about Electric Vehicles
Introduction to Global Warming Series

Report 1:
How real is global warming? The physical evidence

Report 2:
How real is global warming? The scientific viewpoint

Report 3:
How do greenhouse gases cause global warming?
Why are feedback loops important?

Report 4:
What is being done to control global warming? And who is doing it?

Report 5:
How do we contribute individually to global warming?

Report 6:
It seems so big, what can I do?
Selected Projects & Grants
Full Circle Schools - Jackson County, Oregon
Summit Land Conservancy - Summit County, Utah
Global Warming Reports - theHCF.org
Pure Waste Primers - theHCF.org
NYTimes Talks - Symphony Space, NYC

Distinguished Lecture Series - Oregon Bach Festival
American Musicological Society - OPUS Fund
Save the Met Broadcasts - Metropolitan Opera, NYC
BACH-BinAural Collaborative Hypertext - Northern Arizona University
Wall-to-Wall Opera - Symphony Space, NYC

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