I would like to make a $100 contri- bution in your name to Solar Electric Light Fund (“SELF”) to acknowledge your intention to take personal action against climate change. The mission of SELF is to provide solar electricity to remote and impoverished people around the world. Thus, supporting SELF allows us to take action against both climate change and third world poverty at the same time.

Because we should know... Of all the issues I have ever focused on, I have never become as concerned or as passionate about any of them as I am now about global warming. To understand my insights or feel my passion, read the Coda: My Conversion to Green. If you want to get motivated yourself, read the full version (second section) of Report 1. I suspect you'll be stunned. You can also get a good background on the causes and contributors to global warming by reading the remaining 5 reports.

...and act! But mostly, we hope you are ready to take personal action.To help, we’ve selected three actions, which we each can take, that will both cut our carbon emissions and will save us money. For each of these actions, we’ve prepared a primer that has four parts: (1) historical myths about the particular action, (2) personal financial benefits from taking the action, (3) environmental benefits from taking the actions, and (4) our own personal experience with taking that specific action. After you read these primers, review the Pure Waste Challenge. Email us that you intend to pursue these actions and will contribute $100 in your name to SELF.

I urge you to take as little as a half an hour to read a series of six reports about Global Warming. In the winter of 2006, after seven months of study and review, I became intensely concerned about the perils of global warming. Working with four others, I have studied the issues surrounding global warming and extracted to a very high level the critical facts, perils, and options for action. These reports were originally prepared as a series of emails and targeted to intelligent but busy friends and colleagues. I present them here in an updated form for all concerned readers. Reading the summary versions of these six briefing reports will take as little as 24 minutes total and might change your life.

Glacier National Park, August 2006


Each report is structured into two sections: a brief summary version built from bullet points and graphics, and a full version with a more developed text, the same graphics, and embedded links. A personal editorial by one of the contributors is included at the bottom of each report. The topics of these reports are as follows:

Hal Hinkle

Report 1: How Real is Global Warming? The Physical Evidence

Report 2: How Real is Global Warming? The Scientific Viewpoint

Report 3: How Do Greenhouse Gases Cause Global Warming? Why Are Feedback Loops Important?

Report 4: What is Being Done About Global Warming? And Who is Doing It?

Report 5: How Do We Contribute Individually to Global Warming?

Report 6: It Seems So Big, What Can I Do?

News Update: May 2006