Pure Waste Series Challenge

To encourage each reader to become an agent against global warming, we are again issuing a challenge. For each person who reads these three primers and commits to pursue them, we will make a $100 donation in his or her name to the Solar Electric Light Fund (SELF). SELF is a truly worthy non-profit organization that simultaneously fights global poverty and climate change. SELF’s primary mission is to install local solar electric power generators in rural third-world areas. In many instances, SELF’s installations are directed to education, health and irrigation facilities and can include joint ventures, where local participants invest in a portion of the project. Providing solar electric power to remote, off-grid people frees them from the unpalatable alternatives of either using kerosene-generated power (which is both bodily and environmental dangerous) or living with no electricity, no lights, no irrigation possibilities, and no connection to the outside world.

As with last year’s challenge, to accept the challenge below, you only need to send us an email. Tell us you will commit yourself (on the honor system) to move forward toward more climate-friendly living and that you’ll try to complete the steps below. The $100 contributions to SELF will be limited to the first 1,000 responders.


Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFLs)

1. Read the primer and commit to converting 25% of the light bulbs in your house or apartment to CFLs.
2. Pass the link to the CFL Primer along to one other person, who you think could make a difference.


Tankless Water Heaters (TWHs)

1. Read the primer and commit to seriously considering a conversion to TWH when your present
water heater wears out.
2. Pass the link to the TWH Primer along to somebody who uses a lot of hot water or has a second/vacation home.


Feature 3

1. Read the Anti-Idling Primer and commit to view climate security as a worthy beneficiary when
we reduce our comfort- or habit-driven idling.
2. Pass the link to reduce idling along to somebody whose reduced idling you think could make
a big difference.

Read, Commit, Act

Once you read the three primers, if you agree to commit yourself to taking these three initial, though not lifestyle-changing actions, then send a confirming email to purewaste@thehcf.org with your name and e-mail address where you'd like the acknowledgement sent, and the Hinkle Charitable Foundation will make a grant to SELF on your behalf.  –  Hal Hinkle